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Nos valeurs Wellness Carwash

About us

Nos valeurs Wellness Carwash

Why Wellnesscarwash?

Why Wellnesscarwash?



We adapt to your schedule and your needs to save you time.



Book a wash in just one click and your vehicle is picked up at your home or at your place of work.



Our new cleaning technique without water, with steam and with ecological products.

Wellnesscarwash is one of the few companies to offer environmentally friendly car washing. How it works?

It is very simple. No need to travel: the customer reserves the date and time online, then our mobile units come to clean their car at home or at their place of work. During this time, the client can go about his business. For now, Wellnesscarwash only offers its services to individuals.

Our company only offers cleaning services in the canton of Zürich.



Our philosophy: ecological car washing that respects the environment


Currently, car cleaning with environmentally friendly products is a relatively common practice. However, few providers offer our cleaning formula which consists of not using water (whether for the interiors and exteriors of the vehicle). This is why Wellnesscarwash is one of the pioneers in this segment and intends to appeal to all those who wish to contribute to the effort to save water.


Initially, some of our customers were curious about how dry cleaning worked. Once the experience had been lived, the quality and speed of the washing encouraged them to adhere to our concept.


To sum up the success of Wellnesscarwash, it is defined by its waterless washing service which saves up to 200 liters of water per cleaning. This is one more step towards the question of our responsibility with regard to respect for the environment.


Waterless cleaning for your car: 100% ecological washing

The Wellnesscarwash cleaning process is a cleaning process that uses only materials and products without chemicals including microfiber cloths which are used by our professionals.


Microfiber is a material that allows you to clean and polish all kinds of surfaces while respecting the environment. It helps to clean the plastic elements in the passenger compartment, but also the windows and the bodywork. The long bristles of the microfiber also help absorb dirt without leaving streaks or scratches. The surface treated with this material can become dirty with oil splashes, dust or fingerprints. In this case, it will make it shiny without damaging the surface or the paint. Generally, the ingredients that make up the cleaning products used in the context of a waterless car wash are made from biodegradable polymers. The advantage is that it allows all surfaces of the vehicle to be cleaned.



Steam cleaning for your car: efficient and hygienic

Rebel stains, carpet full of dirt ... you've tried everything but nothing helps! Wellnesscarwash has the solution for you: steam cleaning!

Steam cleaning requires no chemicals and is a very economical method. With heat, steam loosens and dissolves dirt; releases all the particles that make it up in its path: fat, germs, bacteria and mites.


This methodology also makes it possible to degrease and clean windows, doors, storage compartments and hard surfaces.


Regarding the bodywork, the use of steam removes dirt from the bodywork while achieving great savings in water. This is why it offers a great alternative to traditional methods while ensuring professional and efficient cleaning.

Nettoyer votre voiture avec des produits BIO ET SANS EAU

Clean your car with products


Water is undoubtedly the most vital natural resource on our planet. Global warming, the growing demand for water supply from the population and industrialization are nevertheless making this material even rarer, more expensive and therefore more precious.

The authorities are trying as best they can to remedy this problem by establishing water restrictions on car washes during the summer. While this is a good start, more work needs to be done. This is why Wellnesscarwash has chosen to embark on a concept of car washing without water and which is 100% ecological.

This means that our employees use a maximum of 1 liter of water for cleaning instead of 200 liters of water for a standard cleaning. This saves 99% water.

You just have to make an appointment on our site if you want to benefit from our car wash. Our services are provided by a team of professionals committed to saving the planet by reducing water consumption.

In addition to this, you need to know more about it.

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