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Ecological car wash in Winterthur

The ecological concept is gaining more and more interest. Wellness carwash has adopted it for waterless car cleaning in Uster and its surroundings.


Environmentally friendly carwash


In order to reduce the waste of water, which is an invaluable resource, we have opted for a steam car wash which considerably reduces the use of this precious resource. This revolutionary cleaning method is not only environmentally friendly. It also instantly gets rid of dirt and all the bacteria and germs that make it up. Our cleaning experts use only 100% organic materials such as microfiber cloths. The long bristles of these microfibers ensure a very effective cleaning on all types of surfaces. Using only ecological products free of chemical substances is one of our principles. In order to offer you a professional service worthy of the name, our products have been tested to remove all dirt. Equally effective on bodywork, windows and plastics, these products will ensure the shine of your car.


A professional service at your place


Once your order is validated, our qualified personnel will mobilize for you. Between two meetings at the office or while you are relaxing at home, the service can be performed and it will only last between 30 minutes and 120 minutes depending on the offer you have chosen. Once your belongings and trash have been removed from the vehicle, our cleaning experts will proceed to your private parking lot or covered area. Rescheduling will be necessary during rainy or snowy periods in order to ensure the quality of the service.


Offers adapted to all needs and budgets


At Wellness carwash, we offer a wide range of packages. You can choose between quick, standard and premium packages depending on your needs and availability. Our services include the cleaning of the interior and exterior of your vehicle. For the interior, our team can perform a thorough cleaning or a simple vacuuming of the seats and the floor with the cleaning of the windows. For the exterior wash, the service can be just the body and windows or it can extend to the tire and rim. The choice is yours. Only when you are satisfied do you make payment with our field staff. Your satisfaction comes first! You choose the method that suits you: cash, card or twint.


Where can you find us?


We also offer our services in Winterthur. Our cleaning professionals are ready to meet your needs at any time. Our very simple system will allow you to place your order in one click. On our website, the "book online" button allows you to access the page where you can fill in some necessary information for your order: the date and time of your choice, the pick-up address and finally the information about your vehicle. Once completed and validated, your order will be processed with care by our team.

Why Wellnesscarwash?



We adapt to your schedule and your needs to save you time.



Book a wash in just one click and your vehicle is picked up at your home or at your place of work.



Our new cleaning technique without water, with steam and with ecological products.

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