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1. Scope

These general conditions of use establish the legal framework governing access to Wellnesscarwash. This site is the property of


2. Application

For any reservation made, Wellnesscarwash considers that the customer declares to have read, understood and automatically accepted the general conditions. In the interest of honest and responsible customers, Wellnesscarwash reserves the right to cancel all services and reservations if the customer does not comply with the contractual rules, such as these GTC. You conclude a contract with Wellnesscarwash for the car cleaning service on the basis of these conditions. The confirmation email is proof of the contract. It is your responsibility to provide a valid email address and to ensure that you receive the confirmation email. Wellnesscarwash cannot be held responsible for non-delivery of the email due to a transmission error.

3. Place and duration of intervention

The planned services are provided in Switzerland in the German-speaking canton offered by the client. No minimum hour is to be achieved. However, for any request for intervention, it is advisable to plan a minimum period of immobilization or parking of the vehicle for one hour.

4. Validity of orders

Unless there are special provisions, each order is conditioned by:

- Automatic acceptance of these general conditions of sale.

- Filling in the information and reservation form (identification, address / location, model, keys, and so on).

5. Execution of the order - Deadlines for completion

Wellnesscarwash undertakes to perform with the greatest care and in accordance with the established specifications the services ordered and to offer the most appropriate response times to the customer's request and this to the extent of availability.


The work is carried out in accordance with the information (dates, times, addresses) collected in the information and reservation form previously completed by the customer when ordering.

The customer will be contacted as soon as possible after receiving the confirmation.

Whatever cleaning is requested, the customer must make the vehicle available for at least 30 min and park in a location that allows all the doors to be fully opened in complete safety and without disturbing other users (vehicles, two-wheelers, pedestrians. ..). Unless otherwise specified, the vehicle washer is not allowed to move the vehicle.


If the vehicle is not at the location indicated at the time of the order, the order may be canceled and Wellnesscarwash is entitled to charge the customer additional costs.


For exterior cleaning only, the customer is not obliged to be present.


For interior cleaning, the vehicle must be cleared of all clutter. Wellnesscarwash accepts no responsibility for any valuables left in the vehicle. Wellnesscarwash assumes no responsibility for lost valuables for personal items left in the vehicle. 


Vehicle claims can only be taken into account if they are reported prior to washing. Wellnesscarwash assumes no responsibility for loss or damage unless it is shown that such damage was caused by our negligence. Wellnesscarwash is also not responsible for mechanical failures that may occur during vehicle cleaning. Wellnesscarwash is not responsible for indirect, special or consequential damages. 

For any unforeseen event (very congested vehicle, very dirty vehicle, animal hair, etc.), we are entitled to cancel the washing even if the reservation has been made. The customer is therefore invited to clarify with our employees before making a reservation.

You are required to inform Wellnesscarwash at the time of booking if your vehicle is a high-quality vehicle worth more than 90,000 Swiss francs. 

6. Prices

The prices applied are those in force on the day the order is taken. The prices are indicated in Swiss francs all taxes included.

Business services can be negotiated by mutual agreement and their final price may vary depending on their

specific requirements.


Wellnesscarwash reserves the right to modify its prices at any time.


7. Cancellation

All orders can be canceled up to 48 hours in advance after the agreed reservation date.

8. Responsibilities and guarantees

All damage and processing faults must be reported by the customer within 24 hours of completion of cleaning. Wellnesscarwash is not responsible for complaints reported subsequently.

You must remove the child seats before our staff will clean them. If you fail to do so, we cannot be held responsible for their removal and, therefore, they will remain in the vehicle and will be cleaned and maintained by us. Wellnesscarwash staff or management will not return child seats to the vehicle, so you must ensure that your child seats are safe before using them. Wellnesscarwash is not responsible for any injury or loss caused by your failure to secure your child seats.

You confirm that you have a spare set of keys for your Vehicle and that we will not be responsible for any loss or damage caused to you or the Vehicle as a result of the keys being lost or locked in the Vehicle.

The products used by Wellnesscarwash are specially designed for use in vehicles. Wellnesscarwash cannot be held responsible for damage to your vehicle caused by the use of these products. Our employees take the utmost care in the use of these products.

However, if you are not satisfied with the service, you must report any problems to our staff before leaving the location where they can be resolved at the time of discovery. Please note that chewing gum, wine and body fluids cannot always be removed and that, despite best efforts, staff may not be able to remove them completely.


Wellnesscarwash reserves the right, without prior notice, to change the specifications of any product or service presented on this website and to discontinue the supply of such product or service.


Wellnesscarwash reserves the right to cancel a reservation at any time prior to delivery due to employee unavailability, subject to payment of a full refund to any affected customer.

9. Prohibition clause

The customer undertakes not to directly or indirectly employ employees (employees and / or subcontractors) working or having worked for Wellnesscarwash.

10. Special conditions

The clauses of these general conditions may be the subject of special provisions and will constitute the law of the parties.

The contents of this website are created with the utmost care. The author accepts no liability for the topicality, correctness, completeness or quality of the information provided. Liability claims against the author, which refer to damages of a material or ideal nature, which were caused by the use or non-use of the information presented and/or by the use of incorrect and incomplete information, are in principle impossible, if there is no evidence of intentional or grossly negligent fault on the part of the author. Parts of the pages or the complete publication including all offers and information might be extended, changed or partly or completely deleted by the author without separate announcement.

11. Attribution and jurisdiction

The place of jurisdiction is Zurich. The language of the proceedings is either German or French.

The following applies to the design of the website, the logo, the texts, all graphics and photos, every selection or layout:

Copyright © WELLNESSCARWASH. Copying or reproduction of the entire website or parts thereof is not permitted. Any other use of the material or information available on this site including reproduction, redistribution, modification and publication is prohibited. 

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