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Car wash without water

We come and clean your car.

Enjoy with WCW a waterless car wash whenever and wherever you want.

for reasons of high demand, internal washing is only available!

Why Wellnesscarwash?



We adapt to your schedule and your needs to save you time.



Book a wash in just one click and your vehicle is picked up at your home or at your place of work.



Our new cleaning technique without water, with steam and with ecological products.

Save the children
Logo Save the children

A wash = A donation for Save the Children

Your car is not only clean, but thanks to you, for each reservation, we make a donation to children in need.


For each reservation, 10% of your order will be paid for children in water distress.


Donate indirectly by washing your car. With WCW it is POSSIBLE.

YOU book. WE donate.


Let's make things happen together. Let's move forward together!

Did you know ?

In several countries, service stations had to be closed due to lack of water. 2 billion people do not have direct access to drinking water.


By 2030, according to the United Nations, water scarcity will affect nearly 40% of the world's population. Unsanitary water kills more than all wars.


In Switzerland, when we turn on the tap, it leaks and the bill ultimately does not weigh in our budget. Indeed, one might think that water is an infinite source, but it is a rare commodity. When you look at the earth, it looks like it is full of water, but 97% of this mass is salt water, and fresh water is only 3% of which most of it is frozen in the form of snow or of ice.

Did you know that the world population has multiplied by 3, but water consumption has multiplied by 6. While an inhabitant in Africa has less than 10L per day, each inhabitant in Switzerland consumes on average almost 200L (not including a standard car wash).

Did you know 1 in 3 inhabitant in disadvantaged countries still does not have direct access to drinking water. It is both a marker and a powerful factor of inequalities. Unclean, unsanitary water is unfortunately still one of the main causes of death in the world today.

That's why WCW uses this resource responsibly and at the same time helps children in need. Thanks to the waterless cleaning method and with ecological cleaning products, you benefit from an environmentally friendly car wash service where and when you want, while supporting the work of SAVE THE CHILDREN.

This independent organization is the most important defender of children's rights in the world. Since 1919, they have made a targeted commitment to ensure that they are respected. They ensure that children can grow up healthy, go to school and be protected. They therefore exert a positive influence on their lives and their futures, even in times of emergency and disaster.

For each reservation, an amount will be paid in favor of the most disadvantaged children so that they also have access to water.

The concept 

Waterless cleaning for your car: 100% ecological washing.

In addition to this, you need to know more about it.

The Wellnesscarwash cleaning process is a cleaning process that uses only materials and products without chemicals including microfiber cloths which are used by our professionals.


Microfiber is a material that allows you to clean and polish all kinds of surfaces while respecting the environment. It helps to clean the plastic elements in the passenger compartment, but also the windows and the bodywork. The long bristles of the microfiber also help absorb dirt without leaving streaks or scratches. The surface treated with this material can become dirty with oil splashes, dust or fingerprints. In this case, it will make it shiny without damaging the surface or the paint. Generally, the ingredients that make up the cleaning products used in the context of a waterless car wash are made from biodegradable polymers. The advantage is that it allows all surfaces of the vehicle to be cleaned.

Avant Après Wellness Carwash
Avant Après Wellness Carwash
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Areas of intervention

Canton Zurich

Areas of intervention

Nathalie cliente Wellness Carwash

Nathalie A.

I would like to thank Wellnesscarwash once again for the big cleaning of my car. It is like new.

David client Wellness Carwash

David S.

I am a sales representative and it is very important for me to have a clean car. Unfortunately, I often don't have time to wash my car. With Wellnesscarwash, my problem is solved.

Pham cliente Wellness Carwash

Pham N.

I don't like cleaning my car, so I'm happy if someone does it for me. With Wellnesscarwash, I found the best solution.


Will we need electricity?

Yes. An electrical outlet is important. If there is no outlet nearby, we have an extension cord with us. 


Can I have my car cleaned on the street?

For the safety of washers, other cars and pedestrians, and in order to guarantee you a quality service, our operating policy only authorizes us to carry out cleaning in a parking lot or private, bright and spacious, and covered space. preferably. We therefore do not provide cleaning on public roads.

It's raining / snowing. What should I do?

Our cleaning technique cannot be done in rain and snow. In the event of bad weather, it is therefore necessary that the service be carried out in a dry place. If not, we have to postpone the wash.

My car is in the sun. What should I do?

Under high heat, the body heats up and this makes our products ineffective. In very hot weather, be sure to leave your vehicle in the shade.

How do I place my order?

It is very simple :

- On our home page, click on "book online".

- Enter the desired date and time slot, as well as the pick-up address.

- Enter your vehicle information and book.

How long does it take to clean my car? 


It all depends on the condition of your vehicle. Allow between 30 minutes and 120 minutes for a complete cleaning.

How does the payment work at Wellnesscarwash?

Payment is made on site between the customer and our staff after cleaning the vehicle. We accept payment by card (Maestro, credit card), twint or cash.

What does cleaning at Wellnesscarwash include?

We clean the interior and exterior of the vehicle in three different ways.

The interior includes the following:

Quick: rapid vacuuming of seats and floors + rapid cleaning of plastics and windows.

Standard: vacuuming of seats and floors + plastics and windows cleaning + steam cleaning.

Premium: Double vacuuming of seats and floors + cleaning with brush on carpet + shampoo + plastics and windows cleaning + steam cleaning.

While performing these services, no other tasks are performed (eg stain removal, roof washing, roof interior, complete removal of animal hair).


We ask you to remove garbage and personal effects from the vehicle before cleaning it.


The exterior includes the following:

Quick: rapid cleaning of bodywork and windows + exterior plastics.

Standard: Bodywork and windows cleaning + exterior plastics + windscreen+ rim cleaning.

Premium: Double cleaning of bodywork and windows + exterior plastics + windscreen + steam rim cleaning + tire care gel + ceramic protection.

While performing these services, no other tasks are performed (for example, cleaning the engine compartment). We also don't wash cars that are very dirty and in poor condition, that is mean cars that haven't been washed for months.

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